Any weather of the season could be extreme on your house, however, winter is particularly recognized for its severe conditions. If you have not considered waterproofing your basement, now is the best time to ponder about it well. Below are a few reasons that might persuade on why must you have your basement waterproofed, especially during the winter season? 

Lowered expenses 

Though having your basement waterproofed could be an expensive investment, it is actually worth it over time. First, you’re keeping expensive accidents from affecting your insurance. A great insurance claim percentage is associated with water damage, like structural repairs, mold, and floating. You can prevent the hassle and expense of dealing with the insurance company by having your basement waterproofed. Moreover, you’ll probably notice that you’ll have lower energy consumptions. Basement waterproofing in Ajax can also minimize humidity that can obstruct your property’s HVAC system even during the winter season.  

Safe and comfortable home 

There are a lot of hazardous things that are linked with water damage in basements, which include mildew and mold that can risk your home’s air quality. You can get rid of these risks if you waterproof your basement. Moreover, it’s the best initial step to do while you finish your basement. Regardless if you want to finish your basement sooner or later, you can actually make the area safer and more usable for your household if you have it waterproofed.  

Protection for basement floor 

Concrete flooring about 2 up to 5 inches thick is typically what basements are made of. This thin floor is prone to pressure due to groundwater that swells up below it, which causes the cracking of the floor. Once this occurs, your basement will be more in danger of extreme flooding or seepage. 

Greater foundation 

Perhaps the most vital structural feature that any home has is the foundation. However, excessive water can make your foundation’s structural integrity at risk, particularly during the winter season. Because water can expand once it freezes, it can cause your foundation to have pressure cracks. And while you utilize your heat over the winter season, the water tends to melt into those cracks as it freezes and then expands once again, making deeper cracks. Having your basement waterproofed can keep your foundation from the requiring expensive structural restoration and repairs.  

Prevents flooding in the basement 

Waterproofing actions, such as installing a drainage system, installing a sump pump, and sealing foundation cracks are definitely effective when it comes to preventing basement floods.  

If you just consider and take some of your time to have your basement waterproofed, you can actually stop several problems that result in extreme damage, expensive repairs, and unsanitary living conditions. Thus, it would really be great if you let the professionals make your basement 100% waterproof. Although, there may be times when it’s already too late and even your greatest efforts don’t guarantee that your basement is entirely protected. Once you encounter flooding or water damage in your basement, it would be best to contact a water damage restoration services near you right away.